How to Setup Parental Controls on Mac

This page is obsolete and no longer relevant. Please refer to this page for the latest article.


Mobicip provides advanced parental controls for Mac OS X that allows you to create a safe and secure Internet experience for young users. Follow these steps from an 'Administrator' account on the Mac to get setup:

1. Download the packager and open it. Accept any warning messages, then review and accept the terms and conditions to install the app.

2. Login using your Mobicip account. If you do not have an account, create one now for free!

Login screen

3.  You should see a list of users on the Mac. Pick the one that you wish to setup parental controls for.

Select user to setup parental controls for

4. Select the Mobicip filter profile that you wish to apply to this user and save your selection.

Select parental controls profile to apply to this user

5. You will see the list of users again, with the one that is filtered marked as such. Repeat steps 3-5 for other users on the system.

Review users who are filtered


NOTE: If you are installing Mobicip for the first time on a system with High Sierra OS, then you may need to approve Mobicip to run by following either of the steps cited below:

1) During Mobicip installation, System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> General window will pop up. Here there will be an option for allowing Mobicip.

2) Admin/Parent can also click ''Fix'' button in the Notifier, it will navigate to the same window. 

Congratulations! Your Mac is now setup with Mobicip's Internet filter. You can now login at from any computer (or use the Monitor app) to configure the filter and monitor the browsing activity. You may find these video tutorials helpful to setup your filtering and to monitor usage.

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