How To Setup Internet Parental Controls On Windows

Ubiquitous Internet access on your home PC desktop, laptop or netbook is a wonderful thing and your children need this access more than ever. But how do you keep them safe as they navigate the myriad content online and learn safe browsing?

This tutorial will walk you through the setup of Mobicip's Internet filter and parental controls on any Windows computer.

Mobicip account setup:

You will need a account to be able to use Mobicip. To setup an account, simply visit and click 'Sign Up' at the top right. Once the account is created, you will receive a confirmation email.

How to setup Mobicip on Windows

1. The first step is to download Mobicip to your computer. Follow this link to find out which version of Windows you have. Once you are sure about the version, click one of the links below to download Mobicip.

Mobicip for Windows - 32-bit

Mobicip for Windows - 64-bit

System Requirements: Any computer with Windows 7 / 8 or 10

NOTE: If you have tried a beta version of the Mobicip before, please uninstall the program first before proceeding to the next step.

2. Once downloaded, double click the .exe file. Allow admin access to proceed with installation.

Mobicip Installation Wizard Screen 1

Mobicip Installation Wizard Step 3

Mobicip Setup Wizard Step 4

Mobicip Installer Screen 1

Mobicip Installer Screen 2

Mobicip Installer Screen 3

3. You have now installed Mobicip. You will be prompted to restart the computer. Once you restart and login again, you should now see the Mobicip icon on your desktop.

Mobicip icon on desktop

Mobicip icon on desktop - closer view

4. Double click the icon to launch Mobicip, and enter your account username and password. (NOTE: this step can be automated when you deploy in bulk. Please contact support for assistance.)

Mobicip Launched - Enter username and password

Mobicip Launch - Enter username and password

5. Click Login to proceed. On this page, all Windows users in the device will be listed. Select a Windows user to setup Mobicip filter.

Mobicip Launch - Enable service

6. On selecting a windows user, all your Mobicip filter profiles will be listed. Select a profile to set for this Windows user. You can set different filter profiles for different windows users. For instance, one user on this system could be at the Mature filtering level and another could be at the Moderate filtering level. Depending on the user who is logged into the computer, the appropriate filtering profile will be applied.

7. Click Save and you will see Mobicip filtering status for the user.

Mobicip Enabled Confirmation

Congratulations! Your PC is now setup with Mobicip's Internet filter. You can now visit from any computer and login using your account to configure the filter and monitor the browsing activity.

Please report all problems by email or through the contact form. We are actively listening for your feedback and promise to address any issues asap.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After installation, please make sure to clear browser cache (Chrome) and restart Chrome browser. Else Google related traffic may not be filtered in Chrome.
NOTE: This version of Mobicip won’t get installed if you have Kaspersky Internet Security installed in your device.
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