How To Monitor Apps On The iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

This page is obsolete and no longer relevant. Please refer to this page for the latest article.


Yay! It is now possible to monitor not only internet usage, but also manage apps on your family's iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (and Android devices too! Learn more). The feature is available for all Premium devices enabled using your Mobicip account. To get setup, follow the steps below:

1. Enable Safari on the iOS device that you wish to monitor.

2. Launch Mobicip app and touch Settings. Scroll Down and choose the option 'App Monitor Setup'


3. Click on 'Take a Tour' option to view the steps to be followed. If you are already aware of the steps, click on 'Skip to Install' at the top right.

Take a Tour screenshot

4. Click on Install and then on 'Trust' in the following pages. Once the profile is installed, you should see a confirmation.

Install profile screenshot

Profile installed screenshot

Done screenshot

Note: Make sure that Safari is disabled

                                                                                      last step

Thats it! App Monitor is enabled on that iOS device. Repeat the steps for other premium iOS devices in your family. You may then login at from any browser and select Apps tab to view the apps installed on your family's iOS devices.

App Monitor Screenshot

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