How To Customize Your Internet Using Mobicip Premium

Now that you have signed up for a Premium subscription, follow the step-by-step instructions below to customize your Internet using Mobicip Premium!

  • Using any browser, login at

  • Select Filter Profiles from the menu.

Filter profiles menu

  • For the filter profile you wish to edit, click Edit Filter Settings.

Edit filtering settings button

Filter Categories

Click the “Categories” tab to see several drop-down categories for filtering purposes. These allow you to customize what should be allowed or blocked.

Mobicip Premium - Customize Categories

  • Click on the specific category to block it.

  • Any category that has red block icon will be blocked. If you wish to allow certain categories that have been automatically blocked, simple un-check the option. To block a category that are not blocked by default, simply click on the box to check it.

Allow / Block Websites

Next, click the “Websites” tab on the left side of the screen. You will notice two options below: “Whitelist (Allow) Websites” and “Blacklist (Block) Websites”

Mobicip Premium - Allow or block wesites

  • To block a website, just enter the domain.

    • For instance, to block the facebook website, you would enter just '' (do not enter the 'http://' or 'www.')

  • To block a sub-domain while allowing the main domain, enter only the sub-domain.

    • For instance, you could block '' while is allowed.

  • To block a sub-directory or link while allowing the main website, enter only the specific URL starting with the domain.

    • For instance, you could block '' while is allowed.

  • Once finished, allow up to 15 minutes for the changes you made to be sync'ed with your device.

  • The same steps apply to the 'Whitelist (Allow) Websites' tab as well, of course, with the exact opposite effect.


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