Update Your Safe Browser on Android

MOBICIP SUPPORT on September 17, 2015

If you have used Mobicip on Android smartphones and tablets, you will be familiar with the powerful parental controls it offers. Specifically, the App Restrictions allow you to block any apps that you choose, including browsers and games. We are excited to offer an all new update on Android that makes App Restrictions even more robust and comprehensive than before. Of course, it is free to all users, whether Basic or Premium. If you use Mobicip on Android, here is what you need to do.

  1. Download the latest update from the Play Store.
  2. Go to the device 'Settings' and select 'Accessibility'.
  3. Select Mobicip from the list and set it to ON.

That is it! Mobicip's best-in-class App Restrictions should be up to date.

Screenshot of Accessibility Mode permission

If you need any assistance, please contact support and we should be to help you.
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