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Understanding Social Network Peer Pressure

LAKSHMI on March 04, 2016

Peer pressure is not a new concept; one has always strived to keep up with the Joneses. Social media has exacerbated peer pressure by making them not just immediate neighbors with greener lawn, but distant human beings whose lawn may or may not even exist.  Once touted as as a means of break out of conformity, social media, with its hidden “advertisement” agenda, has been fully co-opted with the human need to belong.

Idyllic family picture

It is important to realize ourselves and instil in our children, an awareness of the evils of unrealistic messages about the body, practices and life itself, which social media could perpetrate. Life is like a pre-edited version of a movie, bloopers and all, and bloopers are perhaps what makes life picture perfect in the long run.

This is an excerpt from our article on LinkedIn Pulse. For an in-depth look, read the full version here.

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