Thank You Apple! Thank You Mobicip Users!

SUREN on February 07, 2009

The Mobicip team has been trying to reach Apple through several contacts in the past few weeks. Now that the App is approved, we have a long list of folks to thank!

  • First and foremost, the entire Apple WW Developer Connection support team. They were extremely patient with us, always listening courteously, answering politely, and assuaging our anxiety. Amelia, Niel, Karen, Kristine, and their boss (we think) Kelly, thank you so very much!
  • Vicky and Matt in the iPhone Evangelism team, 
  • iTunes customer support whom we never talked to, but who referred several users to our site voluntarily, 
  • The number of other folks who probably forwarded our emails but didn't respond to us directly,
  • And most of all, Mobicip users who sent testimonials, supported the petition, emailed iTunes Support, and kept signing up in droves!

We thought we had no connections in Apple, but I think, somehow, we did!