Mobile Internet Device - What's In A Name?

SUREN on February 24, 2009

What do you call a class of devices, each one of which doesn't look like another, but have a lot in common? Think netbooks, UMPCs, smartphones, Nintendo DS, iPod Touch etc. According to the Splashtop Blog, quoting Wikipedia:

Mobile Internet Device (MID) is a term used by several vendors to describe a multimedia-capable handheld computer providing wireless Internet access. It is designed to provide entertainment, information and location-based services for the consumer market (rather than the enterprise).

There, you have it. Intel apparently coined the term for the next big thing in computing. If you have never heard of the acronym, you better get used to it fast. MIDs as a class of consumer devices are selling in the millions.

How many MIDs do you have in your home today? Comment below.