Mobicip Goes Live on iPhone App Store!

SUREN on February 06, 2009

Dear Mobicip Parent,

The wait is over! Mobicip is now Available on the iPhone App Store!

  • To download, click on the image above, or here, or search in the App Store for 'mobicip'. 
  • If you haven't already done so, register and choose your desired filtering level.
  • Launch the app and login using your credentials.
  • Don't forget to disable Safari (instructions here) when the app is ready.

Thanks for all the feedback during the beta, and overwhelming support during the incredibly long wait. We are working doubly hard on new features, updates and a Premium version! Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, we really wouldn't mind a friendly referral or two, and a review on the App Store. Your testimonials boost our enthusiasm more than anything else.

Happy surfing!