Mobicip Application Featured as Spy Gear for Parents on

MOBICIPNEWS on September 02, 2010

The recently published an interesting article, appropriately titled "Parents: Are you a high-tech snoop?".  The author, Suzanne Ziegler, states: " Parents who are finding themselves outgunned by tech-savvy tweens and teens are looking for ways stay on top of what their kids are doing online. It's daunting for parents, who grew up when snooping was a matter of picking up the other phone line to listen in or finding where a diary had been hidden. Now, a growing number of devices -- including phones and laptops -- let their children access the Internet anywhere, anytime. So, tech companies are responding by developing a growing arsenal of spy gear -- aimed at parents -- that's cheaper and easier to use.

We agree with Suzanne and we appreciate her featuring Mobicip as Spy Gear for Parents. Educators and Parents choose Mobicip's app to ensure their mobile kids use their mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, etc) safely and securely.