If Google and Apple Won’t Protect Your Children’s Privacy Online – Who Will ?

MOBICIPNEWS on May 26, 2010

Suren Ramasubbu, mobile Internet safety expert and CEO of Mobicip.com, the leader in Internet filtering and parental controls for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad shared the following about protecting your children's privacy online:

“While Apple and Google provide some of the most innovative tools for improving education and communication, they recently declined to participate in the Congressional hearing on children’s web privacy. With these 2 major players showing a lack of interest in protecting children's privacy online, it's more important than ever for parents and educators to be proactive and have the tools necessary to enable children to surf the web safely. As the web quickly becomes more mobile and accessible with the iPhone and iPod Touch, and now the iPad, parents will surely need help protecting their children from the new wave of Internet hazards stemming from mobility. Both parents and educators must take advantage of mobile Internet safety solutions that allow them to track usage, filter content, and ensure kids and teens can use the Internet safely and securely while on the go.”