I Can Take Screenshots of my iPhone?!?

GENEUCLA on November 19, 2008

Apparently, you can now take screenshots of your iPhone by simply following these two steps: 

1) Press and hold down the 'Home Button'

2) Click the 'Mute Button' on the top of your iPhone or iPod touch.

You'll then hear a camera click and it'll be automatically saved into your Camera Roll (for iPhone) or My Saved Photos (on iPod touch).  Personally, I think this is extremely funny.  I've been bugging my partner for WEEKS asking him to send me screenshots from his iPhone simulator on the Mac.  I could have been doing this easily myself!  Ah, the startup blues.

Here's a screenshot of what happens when our parental controls kick in.  This is what is currently displayed in the beta version; this is, of course, subject to change for upcoming releases.

Parental Controls Kick In!

We'll be posting more of our startup challenges here.  Hope you enjoy them!

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