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HTTPS Sites Not Loading For Existing Chromebook Users

PRITHIV on October 17, 2019


Existing Chromebook users will not be able to access HTTPS sites after 3:00 a.m. EST on October 24, 2019 because the previous Mobicip CA certificate has expired. Instead they will see one of the webpages below appear on their browser. Please do not be alarmed by these warning messages. To resolve this issue, we will be pushing an update for the Mobicip Chromebook extension in the early hours of October 24, 2019 and users will then be required to manually install a certificate that would allow Mobicip to access/filter HTTPS sites.

Parents are advised to follow the steps shown below at the earliest to ensure that their child's Chromebook can access HTTPS sites at school and for homework.


Certificate update warning message

Most users should only get the second error message on their screen. On the rare event that the Mobicip extension isn't automatically updated, users will see the first error message on their screen. To proceed, users will need to manually update the Mobicip Chromebook extension; users will see the second error message appear on their screen next. Just follow the steps outlined on that page or in the post below, and you'll be good to go!

Step 1 - Click the link to download the certificate

Download certificate


Step 2 - Visit chrome://settings/certificates

visit certificate page


Step 3 - Click on the "Authorities" tab

Step 4 - Click "Import" to import the "certificate file" downloaded in Step 1

certificate manager - Authorities


Step 5 - Select the "certificate file" downloaded in Step 1, and click "Open"

upload certificate file 


Step 6 - Check "Trust this certificate for identifying websites" and click "OK"

Trust this certificate for identifying websites


That's it! Your certificate is installed and your Chromebook is good to go.

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