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Follow This Podcast To Raise Responsible Digital Citizens

ANITHA on December 03, 2018

Their Own Devices

A series of binge-worthy podcasts called “Their Own Devices” aim to connect with parents, providing helpful, practical, and straightforward information that families can discuss together as they seek to develop a beneficial, healthy, and productive relationship with technology and digital media. 

This weekly podcast is created by Marc Groman and Dr.David Reitman. Marc Groman is an internationally recognized expert in privacy and information risk management and served in several prominent roles including the Senior Advisor for Privacy in the Obama White House. Recognizing Mr. Groman as incredibly knowledgeable in the field of internet safety would be an understatement. Dr. David Reitman is a well-renowned sub-specialist in adolescent medicine. 

 In this podcast, the hosts discuss a wide range of topics alongside numerous guests with one end goal: to connect with and educate parents about teens’ digital issues and how to deal with them effectively. As both Mr. Groman and Dr. Reitman are parents themselves, they provide to their audience interesting (and humorous!) insights into modern parenting. Specifically, parents can expect:

    • Candid discussions about the digital issues parents care about most including screen time, cyberbullying, sexting, peer pressure, and gaming. 
    • Expert advice offered with humility and an understanding that not all guidance is practical or even doable for many families. 
    • A wide range of guests who share true, emotional and (most of all) relatable stories. 


Writing credit: Authored by Anitha, a mother of two children with interests in EdTech and a strong advocate for Digital Citizenship.
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