'To Do' When Your Device Is Replaced...

SUREN on October 05, 2013

So you (or your kids) got a new iPhone 5c or 5S. You have setup parental controls on the new iPhone, and setup the Safe Browser on it. Why aren't your Premium settings being applied? And why are your reports empty?

Well, there is a little step required before all the Premium features will start working on the new device. You see, a Premium subscription is tied to a specific device. If your device was replaced for any reason, the subscription needs to be transferred to the new device. You can check the status easily. Simply launch Mobicip on the said device, go to Settings and select the device name. 

If a transfer is required, email support(at)mobicip.com or fill out a support request. Our support specialists will make the transfer and confirm.
To report issues or feedback, please get in touch with us. If you are happy with Mobicip, please leave a quick review in the Apple App Store or Google Play store. Your feedback and support is much appreciated!
The Mobicip crew
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