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Congratulations to our Logo Winner!

GENEUCLA on November 06, 2008

Using Logotournament, we want to convey a hearty congratulations to Scott Barger for designing the winning logo for Mobicip.  With roughly 80 designs to choose from, it was a tough decision.  As a newly formed company, it was exciting to be able to see the many different design ideas and pick the one that matched our philosophy; a sense of reassurance for the parent, yet a fun experience for the child. 

Logo Winner!

If you are looking for a new logo, check out Logotournament.  With many designers competing for a cash prize of your choosing, you will have many logos to choose from in a short period of time.  You can communicate with the competing designers directly, and also update your rankings so that competitors know your likes and dislikes.  This way, you can watch your logo design evolve towards what you are looking for! 

We had a great experience with Logotournament and would highly recommend them.

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