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Child Internet Safety Tools Recommended by Mobicip

MOBICIPNEWS on November 18, 2010

Suren Ramasubbu (Mobicip CEO and Co-Founder) recently spoke with Lorrie Thomas (Web Marketing Therapy CEO) at the Newbury Park High School Parent Talk Meeting, titled: Safe Tech for Teens – A Parent’s Guide to Online Safety.  Suren and Lorrie shared the importance of Child Internet Safety with NPHS Parents and they also listed tools to help protect kids online.  We decided to share these tools on the Mobicip blog to continue to help keep kids safe online.

Before you start using these tools, please remember to:
1. Embrace technology - Educate yourself.
2. Get Involved – Create online safety rules at home and friend your child.
3. Use Tools  - Create a Green Zone and open it up slowly.

Child Internet Safety Tools
Internet Filters & Monitors
Norton Online Safety

Safe Email

Safe IM

Monitor Social Networks
(Friend your child)
Safety Web

Filtered SMS

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