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Black Friday 2018 Sale: Tech Deals To Look Out For!

PRITHIV on November 22, 2018

Black Friday

With Black Friday & Cyber Monday just around the corner, parents & children will be looking out for the best deals on smartphones, electronics & gadgets. Here’s our list of the top deals to look out for this 2018!

Imagine owning an iPhone free! Well this deal by US Cellular comes close to that. You can buy an iPhone XR, with a base price of $749, essentially for free by signing up for US Cellular’s unlimited service. The cost is recovered in the form of bill credits over 30 months. There’s a similar deal for Samsung fans too, with the popular Samsung S9 retailing at more that $720 essentially available for free

Get the latest 6th generation iPad for $250! Available at Walmart, Target & Costco, this Black Friday deal offers big savings for a gadget that usually costs around $320 and used to hover around $500 not too long ago! Although it’s not a Pro and comes with just 32GB of storage space, this iPad is a neat buy and moreover the latest version available in the market today.

Parents looking to invest in a decent Chromebook for their kids could check out these deals which are on until Friday! One of the best deals is the Dell Inspiron 11 Celeron going for $199.99! Or you could go for the rugged and robust ASUS Chromebook C202SA-YS01 coming with a 21% discount at $188. For the best budget buy, check out this $99 Samsung Chromebook 3 Celeron which comes with a 4GB RAM!

Mobicip Parental Controls
The best way to complement your tech purchases this coming week, is to check out Mobicip’s Free Trial on its screen time & parental controls. No matter what personal device (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android phones or tablets, Chromebook, Kindle Fire, Windows PC & Mac) you purchase for your child, Mobicip will be a great companion to ensure internet safety and help you keep track of your family’s screen time & overall digital experience. As an introductory offer, Mobicip’s annual subscription is available at $39.99 (down from the actual $49.99)! 

Happy Thanksgiving!

 Happy Thanksgiving


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