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Apps & Privacy Settings Can Help Protect Kids on Social Media

MOBICIPNEWS on February 13, 2015

mobicip on newscast

Mobicip was featured on TV news recently. Yay! Thanks a lot to WBIR, an NBC affiliate. Also Katie Roach and tech expert Dan Thompson, we couldn't have said it better. You are awesome! Here's an excerpt from the article:

Tech expert Dan Thompson with Claris Networks says there are some apps out there that can help parents control when their kids are on the internet and what sites they are visiting.
The first one is Mobicip . Thompson says you can set restrictions for multiple users and multiple devices. Features include a time table to restrict access, content blocking and a report that shows what sites each user visited. Mobicip is a subscription service, but Thompson says it gives you the most control and the most features.


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