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Age Limits for Facebook

MOBICIPNEWS on February 14, 2012

Mobicip on Facebook Thank you Sharon Cindrich for responding to the important question: "Q: Is it too early for my 5-year-old daughter to connect with friends online?"

This is a great stat for parents and educators: "The use of technology is a common part of childhood today-in fact, 70 percent of children under 5 know how to use a mouse, while only 11 percent of this age group can tie their own shoes."

We also appreciate you discussing these topics in more detail:

  • Face time with toddlers
  • Kindergarten games
  • Elementary connections
  • Tween training

To read the complete article "Who's too young for Facebook?", we encourage you to visit Chicago Parent. You can also follow Mobicip on Facebook and Chicago Parent on Facebook

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