Advanced Internet Filtering for Safe Browsing

Our dynamic internet filter scans websites in real-time to ensure web safety & allow only age-appropriate content for each user.
Key feature advanced internet filtering for safe browsing

Mobicip is the best internet filter for iPhone & we have been using it for a while now. I am really glad and surprised to find so many additional parental control features all under one service. A complete package!


Mobicip Dad, Texas

Limit Screen Time & Prevent Screen Addiction

Manage screen time by setting practical daily/weekly schedules, or instantly locking all the family devices.

Managing screen time at home is so easy now. I have set a weekly schedule that ensures the kids study without distractions and go to bed on time. The Family Time instant locking feature is great for device-free dinnertime.


Mobicip Mom, Glasgow

Key feature Limit Screen Time & Prevent Screen Addiction

Locate Kids & Family Devices

Instantly track your kids to ensure they are safe. Enjoy peace of mind by locating your children’s whereabouts anytime.
Key feature locate kids and family devices

My kids are notified when I try to locate them so it doesn’t feel like I am spying. The location tool works well and was just what we needed... screen time scheduling is an added bonus.


Mobicip Mom, Florida

Block Apps, Games & Social Media

With Mobicip's app blocker, restrict distracting apps and games on your kids' devices based on merit.

Just blocked a bunch of social media apps and games that are not meant for the kids. In the absence of age-filters for such apps, the next best solution is to block them. I can also search for apps on the Playstore and block them in advance.


Mobicip Mom, California

Key feature Block Apps, Games & Social Media




Millions of Families Worldwide Trust Mobicip

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Commonly asked questions

  • Do I need parental control software?

    With an increasing prevalence of personal connected devices among children and teens, it is important for parents to be equipped with a robust parental control software like Mobicip to ensure digital citizenship & internet safety 24x7. Manage what your kids & teenagers can see or do online on their mobile devices.

  • Is Mobicip still a safe browser?

    Mobicip is a holistic parental control software designed for the modern digital family. Along with screen time, Mobicip's app blocker, location tracker, and internet filter offers comprehensive protection and safety. The advanced internet filter protects all popular browsers including Chrome, Safari and Edge.

  • Why should you limit screen time?

    Kids spend twice as much time on screens as they do playing outside. Limit screen time & ensure your kids' health. Enforce bedtimes by setting practical daily or weekly schedules. Encourage participative family meals by instantly locking all the devices at home.

  • Why is internet filtering essential?

    Kids get their own "connected device" at the average age of 10! Ensure internet safety and a productive online environment by blocking inappropriate content on Safari, Chrome & other browsers. Mobicip's dynamic internet filter scans websites in real-time, blocks adult/inappropriate sites, & allows only age-appropriate content for each child.

  • Why should app, games & social media be blocked?

    Addictive social media apps & games eat up a lot of time that could otherwise be spent productively. With Mobicip's app blocker, you can apply restrictions on apps that your kids download or access, and also block inappropriate apps & games even before they are downloaded.

  • How is Mobicip's Location Tracker useful?

    Checking if the kids have reached school on time, or their friend's home safely, or even locating a lost device was never simpler. Ensure your kids and loved ones are in a safe zone at all times. Keep track of your children’s whereabouts whenever required & ensure peace of mind by instantly locating your kids any time.